David L. Zisow, M.D., F.A.C.O.G. 
   Gynecologist and Associate Chief of the Division of Minimally Invasive Surgery at Northwest Hospital Center       


       Women deserve information, support and a choice of options related to their gynecologic care. "In everything I do, my focus is on meeting the health needs of my patients -- I keep their interests at heart."  Dr. Zisow's practice offers women personalized GYN care.  As a solo practitioner, he gets to know his patients.  Individual, one to one care is his forte.  Large group practices can't offer this approach to patients.  He can!

Dr. Zisow makes every effort to provide excellent, state of the art,  gynecologic care to his patients.  Although he is an expert in traditional gynecologic surgical procedures, Dr. Zisow places a special emphasis on minimally invasive gynecologic surgery techniques.  Surgery that is performed in this way is usually able to be done either in the office or on an outpatient basis and routinely results in a much faster recovery and return to normal life. 

Women with excessively heavy menses may be cured with a simple office procedure known as Endometrial Ablation.  For those who have completed their childbearing and want permanent contraception, a remarkably easy office procedure called Essure is now available. Troubled with embarrassing urinary leakage at inopportune times?  You don't have to suffer silently with this problem any longer.  The  BARD Ajust Suburethral Sling Procedure is a remarkable advance in urinary stress incontinence treatment.  This outpatient, 5 minute minimally invasive procedure can restore urinary continence in properly selected individuals.

Women who know that they need a hysterectomy, need to also know that there is a better way to have it done.   With the DaVinci Robotic System now available at Northwest Hospital, after having laparoscopically performed surgery by Dr. Zisow, most women may be able to resume nearly all their normal activities within three weeks of treatment.  Click on a better way to have it done to listen to a recent radio broadcast in which Dr. Zisow discussed the benefits of minimally invasive gynecologic surgery.


By law, you are entitled to have your privacy protected.  Click here to see my "Notice of Privacy Practices Under the HIPPA Privacy Rule".  To be seen in my office you must read this material and then sign the acknowledgement form.  Thanks for your cooperation with this federally mandated requirement.

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